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hearings, trials & appeals

court dates

This page has information about how to set a Court date, why your ticket may require that you come to court, what to do if you need to postpone your court date (request a continuance), and what if you miss your court date.



You may be able to request more time to pay your ticket, even if you already have court date. You can only have one extension ("continuance"). There are some important deadlines if you already have a court date scheduled.


hearing types

Read about the five types of Traffic Court hearings: Arraignment (the first hearing after you get your citation), Trial, Motion to Set Aside Bail Forfeiture, Traffic School Hearing, and Request by Defendant Hearing.


requesting an appeal

Find out what an appeal is, who can ask for one, where to file an appeal, and about important deadlines. There are links to some of the forms needed to request an appeal.



There are two kinds of trials: in-person trials (at the courthouse), and trial by declaration, where you give the judge a statement and any evidence in writing. Read about the process for each.




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