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photo citations

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  1. What is a photo citation?
  2. Can I fight the citation?
  3. More about citations
  1. What is a photo citation?

    In some places, like at a red light or on a neighborhood street where the speed limit is 25 or 30 mph, the police can take photos of the driver and the front license plate.

    The information on the film lets the police identify the owner of the vehicle.

    If you get a photo citation, the police agency will mail you a notice and instructions. If you don't want to fight the citation, sign the notice and send it back to the police agency along with a copy of your driver's license.

    Once the police agency knows that the citation is yours, it will be processed like any other citation.

    For more information on the law and photo citations, see California Vehicle Code 21455.5 .

  2. Can I fight the citation?

    If you want to fight your photo citation, call:


    Ask for an appointment to see the photograph.

  3. More about citations

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