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parking citations

This page tells you about:

  1. Where to pay your parking ticket
  2. How to get information about your parking ticket
  3. More about citations
  1. Where do your pay your parking ticket?
    The citation says where you have to mail your payment.

    Most parking citations are paid to the Office of Parking Violations.
  2. How do you get information on my parking ticket?
    Call 1-800-294-8258 .

    Or, call the agency that gave you the ticket.

    To pay in person or to ask for a hearing, go to:
    (for most citations)
    255 N. Market Suite 140
    San Jose, CA 95110

    To pay by mail:
    (for most citations)
    P.O. Box 11023
    San Jose, CA 95113-1023

  3. More about citations

    See more pages in this section about citations:

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