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Small Claims faqs

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Frequently Asked Questions:

This page is designed to help you find answers to any Small Claims Court question not addressed somewhere else on this site.

  1. FAQs:

  2. Emailing Small Claims Court
  3. Legal Assistance
  1. FAQs

    • General Questions:

      1. Case records: How can I find out the outcome of a small claims case? Click for Answer -->

      2. Small Claims courthouses - where to file: If I want to file a Small Claims action and one defendant lives in Los Altos, the other lives in the city of San Jose? Is it okay to file a claim in the Palo Alto Branch? Click for Answer -->

      3. Preparing for Court: I have court coming up next week, and I am coming from out of town. I am trying to prepare before I get out there. How can I best prepare myself for Small Claims Court? Click for Answer -->

      4. Suit against bank: I am in a dispute with my bank, and am trying to get a credit for unauthorized transactions. The problems have damaged my credit rating and caused me other financial problems. What can I do? Click for Answer -->
    •   Small Claims Forms:

      1. Finding forms: I need a Small Claims form. How do I go about getting it from the internet? Click for Answer -->

      2. Request for Entry of Satisfaction Of Judgment by Judgment Debtor: How can I obtain this form? Click for Answer -->

      3. Dismissal form: One of the clients we were taking to Small Claims Court decided to pay after the court sent them the registered letter. The Court suggested I file a dismissal form. Can you please help me find a "Dismissal form" to file? Click for Answer -->

      4. Filing a motion: I live in out of state and would like to file a motion in California to eliminate the Judgment. Please give me some information on how to obtain the necessary forms for filing a motion. Click for Answer -->
  2. Emailing Small Claims Court

    If you are unable to find the answer to your Small Claims Court-related question after reviewing the Small Claims Self-Help pages, the Small Claims Division pages, and the Frequently Asked Questions above, you can submit your question to the Small Claims Advisor. If your question is not covered on the Court's website, we will do our best to respond to your question within 3 business days.
  3. Legal Assistance

    We cannot give legal advice, only legal information. Please refer to our Free & Low-Cost Legal Help page, and consider visiting our Self-Help Center/Family Law Facilitator's Office.

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