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Request for Online Dispute Resolution
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If you have an active Small Claims case with the Santa Clara County Superior Court and wish to try to resolve your case without coming to the courthouse by using the Court’s Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) program please complete and submit the form below.

In order to participate in the Court’s Small Claims ODR program you must:

  1. Have an active Small Claims case with this Court (and a case number)
  2. Have only one plaintiff and one defendant
  3. Have a dispute that is only about money

The bold text below indicates you must enter the required information.

Case Name:
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Case number:
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***Please submit an email address that only you use. Do not submit an email address you share with others, or someone else’s email address.***

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Contacting the Small Claims Division by phone:

If you cannot use the form above for some reason and need to call the Small Claims Division, the number is:
(408) 882-2100 (option #2 then #7) 

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