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As the plaintiff - You want to Sue!

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The Plaintiff is the person who brings an action in a court of law, or initiates a lawsuit. The other party, the one the complaint is being made about, is the defendant.

Some information on this site applies to just the plaintiff, or just the defendant, and some information is for both sides.

As the plaintiff, you should read the following pages:

You should also read the pages for both the defendant and plaintiff: About Small Claims Court, Alternatives to Lawsuits, Prepare for your Day in Court, Judgment - Judicial Decision, and Property/Money Collection.

You may also find helpful information on these Small Claims pages: the Small Claims Advisor and Small Claims FAQs.

Videos about Small Claims Court

Here are some videos made by our Court about Small Claims and Mediation, posted on YouTube video icon

Here are some videos prepared by the California State Court (Judicial Council) and posted on YouTube video icon

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