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Self-Help flyers
  • Do It Yourself Resources:
  • Do You Need to File a Restraining Order?
    • Click for flyer  with location and hours of our RO Help Center plus a list of resources.
  • Help for Landlords and Tenants
  • How to Dismiss a Case:
  • How to Get Forms:
  • How to Get Help by Email from the Small Claims Advisor:
    • This service has been temporarily suspended.
  • How to Serve Someone in Jail or Prison in California:
  • How to Use the Self-Help Center/ Family Law Facilitator's Office:
    • Click for flyer  or page with information on what or who to bring, what to expect, office hours, map and directions.
  • Information about Criminal Protective Orders and Civil Protective Orders
    • Click for flyer  for a comparison of the two types of orders (who requests it, when it expires, etc.)
  • Small Claims Resources:
  • Ways to File on Your Own:
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