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do you have a question for the self-help center?

Do you have a question for the Self-Help Center?

Before you contact us, please take the time to review information on our Self-Help site as it may answer your question.

Self Help Center Flyer: Click here, for specific information about services provided by the Self Help Center and hours of operation. If you still need assistance, you may get help through the options below:

E-mail: Complete the form below to submit your question. Our goal is to respond to emails within 3 business days, however it may sometimes take longer.

Phone: 408-882-2926  Click here for days and times of service. No voicemail Access.

Live Chat: Click on the Live Chat box below. Click here for days and times of service.

In Person: Click here for information about our limited in person services.

If you need help with a restraining order, emergency custody/visitation, emergency guardianship, filing an answer in an eviction case or asking for more time to stay because you received a Sheriff’s Notice, visit the Self-Help Center in person. For other legal issues that need to be handled immediately, contact the Self-Help Center by phone or Live Chat. Your legal rights may “expire” while you are waiting for an answer by email. Self-Help Center staff cannot give you legal advice, only legal information or referrals to other resources that may be able to help you. If you would like to get legal advice, click here for resources.

How is legal advice different from legal information? Legal information is a statement of what the law or legal process is, leaving up to you the decision of how to proceed. Legal advice tells you how you should proceed.

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The Self-Help Center doesn't help with the following Family issues. Please find an attorney  who can help you.

  • No property assistance
  • No QDRO's
  • No discovery
  • No trial preparation
  • No collections (other than wage assignments for support)

 Family Law
 [Click to visit the Self-Help Family Law page on this website]

 You are contacting the Court for help with:
Divorce/Legal Separation/Nullity (Annulment)
Child Support
Spousal Support
Parentage (Getting genetic testing to establish a child's legal parents)
Other [briefly]:
(Please see the list of Family issues we can NOT help with, in the box on the right)

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