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probate Help for Children (Minors)


This page answers questions such as: What is “Emancipation”? How do I get emancipated? Do I need my parents' consent (permission) to get emancipated? What rights and responsibilities will I have?


Minor's Assets

This page explains different options for protecting money inherited by a child, depending upon the amount of the inheritance, and whether there is a trust (revocable or irrevocable) or a guardianship involved.


minor's Compromise

A Minor's Compromise is the term for when an adult signs on behalf of a child, so the child can receive money (such as after a car accident). An "Incompetent Person’s Compromise" is also covered.


Resources for minors

This page has lists of community resources for special needs children, health services, teen parents, substance abuse prevention, parenting education, counseling, and resources for grandparents.




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