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guardianship forms

To establish a Guardianship of the Person or the Estate, you need the forms listed below.

You may complete the forms by using Odyssey Guide & File. This is an easy to use web-based program that helps you complete the forms or you can download the forms from this site. Just click on the form number.

Or, get them from the Judicial Council’s Forms page   or the Self-Help Center in downtown San Jose.

Or, buy blank forms at a bookstore or stationery store. (Check the Yellow Pages under Legal Documents.)

GC-020  Notice of Hearing -Guardianship or Conservatorship
GC-205  Guardianship Pamphlet (This is for your information)
GC-210  Petition for Appointment of Guardian of Minor
GC-211  Consent of Guardian, Nomination and Waiver of Notice
GC-212  Confidential Guardianship Screening Form
GC-240  Order Appointing Guardian of Minor
GC-248  Duties of Guardian and Acknowledgment of Receipt
GC-250  Letters of Guardianship

Declaration Under the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act – UCCJEA*
* NOT needed if it is a Guardianship of Estate only

Referral for Court Investigator & Questionnaire (Guardianships)  This is a local Santa Clara form

You may need these forms, too:

GC-021 * Order Dispensing with Notice - Guardianship or Conservatorship *
MC-355 ** Order to Deposit Money into Blocked Account **
MC-356 *** Receipt and Acknowledgment of Order for the Deposit… ***

* There are times when you may not have to give notice to other people. If you are petitioning for appointment as a guardian, or asking the Court to end a guardianship, the petition form has a place to ask the Court to waive the notice requirement. But, if you are petitioning for some other reason in a guardianship, and you want the court to waive the notice requirement, you must fill out this form and file it. You may need this form if, for example, other people who have an interest in the proposed guardianship cannot be found. If the judge agrees, s/he will sign the order.

** If the court requires you to deposit money in a blocked account.

*** If money has been deposited into a blocked account, the financial institution where the account is held must complete the form letting the Court know that money has been deposited.

To establish a Temporary Guardianship, you need these forms:

GC-020  Notice of Hearing - Guardianship or Conservatorship
GC-110  Petition for Appointment of Temporary Guardian
GC-140  Order Appointing Temporary Guardian
GC-150  Letters of Temporary Guardianship or Conservatorship

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