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Can I be adopted faq

Can I be adopted by a U.S. Citizen?

In response to your question about whether it possible to be adopted by US citizen, we would suggest that you seek legal advice, which the Court is not able to provide. You can find a probate lawyer from the membership list of the Silicon Valley Bar Association’s website . You can also get a referral to a lawyer from the Santa Clara County Bar Association  (phone number is 669-302-7803 ), or check the following legal aid links:

If you have someone in mind who lives in the US and who is agreeable to an adult adoption, you would have to find out what the laws are that apply in the state where they live.

If the individual who is willing to adopt you lives in Santa Clara County in California, you might start by reviewing our web page on adult adoption, although adoption of a non-US citizen is not addressed.


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