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juvenile faqs

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Access to Court Files: How can I find out if I have a Juvenile Justice or Dependency file? How can I get copies? Click for Answer -->

  2. Juvenile Dependency Court Date: My child is a dependent of the court and I lost my paper work. How can I find out the next court date? Click for Answer -->

  3. Juvenile Dependency Lawyers: How can I get a lawyer to help with my case? See the Juvenile Dependency Participants page for the answer to this question

  4. Help for Parents If Child Arrested: What if my child is arrested? Click for Answer -->

  5. Sealing a Juvenile Justice File: How can I seal the records of my case? Click for Answer -->

  6. Juvenile Traffic: How can I get information on a Juvenile Traffic matter? Click for Answer -->

  7. Juvenile Forms, Fees and Rules of Court: Where are the local and state pages for these? Click for Answer -->

Other FAQ pages:

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