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Detention Facilities

If a minor is locked up while the judge decides the case, the minor may go to a local facility. For parents, see the FAQ "What if my child is arrested?"

After a case is decided, the minor could be ordered to go to a state facility. The judge will look at how serious the crime was and if the minor has a criminal history.

Local Facilities (also see State Facilities, below)

The Juvenile Probation Department manages the 2 local detention facilities in the county. They are:

Juvenile Hall

840 Guadalupe Parkway San Jose, CA 95110


Juvenile Hall has 390 beds. Both boys and girls stay here while they wait for the Court to decide their cases. There are different “living units.” The unit where you stay depends on your age, history and what you’re charged with.

Juvenile Hall has a Mental Health Clinic, a Medical Clinic, and religious services. Minors go to a county school in Juvenile Hall.

Programs include:

  • Drug abuse
  • Dealing with anger
  • Kids in gangs
  • Family responsibilities
  • Victim awareness
  • Mental health treatment and counseling
  • Girl Scouts
  • Career/job planning
  • Court work program
  • Foster grandparent program

William F. James Boys Ranch

19050 Malaguerra Ave. Morgan Hill, CA 95037


The James Ranch has 96 beds for 15½ to 18 years old boys that the judge has ordered to be locked up.

The boys get tutoring to get their GED. They also get vocational (job) training. The boys take part in work programs on the ranch and other places, including the Santa Clara Valley Water District. They also do community service in the whole county.

The boys can also participate in:

  • Drug and alcohol treatment (substance abuse counseling and treatment programs)
  • Mental health counseling
  • Sex offender counseling
  • How to deal with anger (anger management, and aggression replacement training)
  • Anti-criminal thinking
  • How to get out of or stay out of gangs (gang intervention refusal skills)
  • Victim awareness
  • Tattoo removal
  • Sports competitions

To learn more about the Santa Clara County Juvenile Probation Department, go to the Juvenile Probation website .

State Facilities

Some juveniles who commit crimes are sent by the court to the DJJ – the state's Division of Juvenile Justice  (part of the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation ). The DJJ works to protect the public, and to hold juveniles accountable for their crimes.

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