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Self-Help Juvenile dependency

About Juv. Dependency

The court tries to keep minors with their families and make the families stronger, but the court will take a minor from the parents if it has to for the child’s well being and safety.


Courthouse Location

This page answers questions about the courthouse where Juvenile Dependency cases are heard. There is information about parking and courthouse security.


Dependency hearings

Read about the different types of dependency hearings, and see the flowchart for help understanding the process, when and where reunification can occur. Also see "dual status" info.


Parents & cost of Care

This page answer questions parents may have about the cost of care for children that have been removed from the parents custody.



The people involved in dependency cases, including lawyers for parents and children. Also, how the Court tries to find out who the child's father is.


Services for Families

Programs and services to help with drug and alcohol abuse, domestic violence, and mental health issues, plus mediation and parenting help.


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