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Virtual Preliminary Declaration of Disclosure “PDD” Workshop

In this workshop you will find answers to:

What Is Financial Disclosure?

In divorce and legal separation cases, California law (Family Code §2103 ) requires the parties to provide information to each other about their income and expenses, as well as their debts (even if you do not have any). This is called financial disclosure. The first disclosure is called “Preliminary Declaration of Disclosure” (Family Code §2104 ) and is mandatory. The final disclosure, called “Final Declaration of Disclosure”, may be waived by the parties (Family Code §2105 ).

Do I Have To Do This?

Yes. This rule applies to almost all cases even if the parties do not have any assets or debts. You cannot get a final Judgment without completing the disclosure requirements. There are three exceptions to this rule:

  • a. If you have a court order from the Judge that allows you to serve your Petition and Summons by publication or posting.
  • b. If you have filed a Summons/Petition for Nullity only and have not asked for a divorce in the alternative.
  • c. If you are the Respondent in the case and the Petitioner obtained a court order waiving receipt of your financial disclosures.

In these instances only, you do not have to complete the disclosure process.

How Can I Get Help With Forms?

You can print a packet of the forms by clicking here .

Below is a video prepared by the Self Help Center providing an overview of the law, the forms and the procedure for completing the Preliminary Declaration of Disclosure:

Preliminary Declaration of Disclosure Workshop Video video icon

If you would like the Self Help Center to review your forms before filing, then please e-mail them to . Please include the following information in your message:

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