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Viewing/Copying Family Files faq

How can I view and/or copy my court file?

If your case isn’t sealed, you can see your files in person after you show a picture ID.

If your case was sealed, no one can see your files without a court order.

The Court's Case Information Portal  contains Family Law case information for cases that are not sealed or confidential.

If the case has a “CP” prefix it is a confidential paternity file and can only be viewed in person by the people who are part of the case and their lawyers, after they show a picture ID.

(You can search the Case Information Portal  by case number, case type, party name, etc. (Click the "information page" link on the home page of that website for more help.)

For information on how to obtain copies of your family case records by mail, click to go to the Copy of Divorce Records FAQ page.

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