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Family faqs

Frequently Asked Questions:

This page is designed to help you find answers to any Family Court questions you may have.

  1. FAQs:

  2. Emailing Family Court
  3. Legal Assistance
  1. FAQs

    Note: Please be aware, the questions and answers below were taken from actual specific questions that are frequently asked on our website. The answers you see were directed to a specific person and may not be generic in nature. For this reason you may see specific gender references such as "Father" or "Mother" rather than a generic reference such as "Parent.

    • Child Support:

      1. Changing a child support order: I would like motion to change a court order. What do I need? I presently have a court order re: child support arrears. Click for Answer -->

      2. Collecting child support: My father has not paid his full child support, and has moved to evade paying the rest of his obligation. How can we collect what is due? Click for Answer -->

      3. Child support for children removed from custody: My children were removed out of my custody by Child Protective Services. I understand that I will be asked to pay child support for my children and would like to know how much I will be asked to pay each month. Click for Answer --> 

      4. Child support without divorce or separation:. My husband has agreed to sign the necessary paperwork with a notary. We are married and we do not want to get a divorce or separation. What paperwork do I need? Click for Answer --> 

      5. Using Dissomaster to compute child support: Can a person (who is not an attorney) have access to the computer that is downstairs at Family Court to find several different scenarios on the "Dissomaster" software? Click for Answer -->

        See more FAQs about child support on the Self-Help Child/Spousal Support page!
    •   Custody/Visitation:

      1. Regaining custody after foster care: I have four children who have been in foster care for three years. What can I do to gain custody of them? Click for Answer --> 

      2. Changing county in custody case: My original divorce was in another county. My ex has custody now but my children have been living here in Santa Clara county for over a year. Click for Answer --> 

      3. Grandparent visitation rights: I need to file a petition on behalf of my mother-in-law, to establish grandparents visitation rights. Click for Answer -->
      4. Enforcing visitation rights: I would like to get some information on how to enforce my visitation rights through your office in a legal way. Click for Answer -->
    • Divorce:

      1. Copies of divorce records: How can I get copies from a divorce years ago? Click for Answer --> 

      2. Out of county divorce filing: When should I file after moving? Can the Self-Help Center help me? Click for Answer -->

      3. Help with filing for divorce: Is there an office I could go to obtain the proper forms and to get assistance on how to complete and file the forms? Click for Answer -->
      4. Dismissing a divorce case: Click for Answer --> 
    • Domestic Violence/Restraining Orders:

      1. How do I file a restraining order? See the Restraining Order section of this website.

      2. Anger management class: How do I sign up for court-ordered anger management classes? Click for Answer -->
    • Family Forms:

      1. Request for Order form: Where can I find information on how to file a "Request for Order?" Click for Answer --> 

      2. Withholding income for child support: I have an order/notice to withhold income for child support for one of our employees and it states that I must furnish a copy to the employee along with form FL-450 within 10 days - Where do I get form FL-450? Click for Answer -->

      3. Removing child's court-ordered attorney: What form is used to remove a court appointed attorney for a child? Click for Answer -->

      4. Local Family Forms, Fees and Rules of Court: Where to find them? Click for Answer -->
    • Paternity:

      1. Paternity tests: I would like information on where to have a paternity test taken to validate whether I am the father of my newborn daughter. I have been charged with non-payment of child support and face legal action by the Dept. of Child Support Services. Click for Answer -->
      2. Paternity on birth certificate: I need to change the father's name on my daughter's birth certificate. I have a DNA report. Click for Answer -->
    • Records/Case Files:

      1. How can I view or get copies from my court file? Click for Answer -->

      2. Court fees for copies: How much do I have to pay for copies and certification? See the "Records Related Fees" section of the current local fee schedule .
    • Other:

      1. Change of address: I need to get a copy of change of address form. I have already filed the necessary preliminary papers for my divorce, but I now live in France, and cannot process it without a change of address form. See Form & Filing FAQs.

      2. Guardianship: I would like to find out how to obtain legal guardianship of a child. See Guardianship page in the Probate section of this website.

      3.  Missed/skipped orientation/mediation: My ex. didn't go to the orientation for mediation. Now what? Click for Answer -->

      4. Dismissing a Family Law case: How do I dismiss my Family Law case (such as my divorce)? Click for Answer -->
  2. Emailing Family Court

    If you are unable to find the answer to your Family Court-related question after reviewing the pages in our Family Self-Help section of this website, the Family Division pages, and the Frequently Asked Questions above, you can contact our Family Department by email at If your question is not covered on the Court's websites, we will do our best to respond to your question within 48 hours.
  3. Legal Assistance

    We cannot give legal advice, only legal information. Please refer to our Free & Low-Cost Legal Help page, and consider visiting our Self-Help Center/Family Law Facilitator's Office.

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