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do you need help finishing your Divorce (or Legal Separation or Nullity) Case?

For your convenience the Self-Help Center (SHC) can review your court file and email (preferred), mail or call you with your next steps to finish your divorce, legal separation, or nullity case. Fill out the Divorce Case Review Online Request Form below to ask the SHC to review your case.

Do I need to do anything before asking for a case review?

In addition to filing the forms to start your divorce case, you also need to have filled out and served the Mandatory Preliminary Declaration of Disclosure forms. You may obtain the forms and instructions online by clicking here 

If you need help with these forms, you may:
• Use the sample form packet 
• Watch this helpful video 
• Email your forms to us for review at

Where do I turn this case review request in?

  • Fill out the form below and it will be automatically sent to us.

What happens next?

After receiving your online request Self-Help Center staff will review your court file as quickly as we can. We will then email or call you (your choice) about your next steps.

What if I want to talk to someone at the Self-Help Center today about my divorce?

We encourage you to ask for help by completing and submitting the form below. You may visit the Self-Help Center in person, however we may not always have a person to review your case and wait times may be long.

What if I have a lawyer but want to finish the case myself?

Before the Self-Help Center can help you must officially remove your attorney from your case. To do this, you and the attorney must sign and file a form called a Substitution of Attorney (form MC-050)  or otherwise have them removed from your case. If you have not done this yet, please contact your attorney.

Our goal is to review your case within one week. However, it may sometimes take longer.

Divorce Case Review Online Request Form

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