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Warrants faq

If you want to clear a warrant for your arrest, contact the Court that issued the warrant or the police agency that holds it.

See the Self-Help Traffic Resources page for local police agency websites. Then go to the website for phone numbers and addresses.

See a list of courthouses for the Superior Court in Santa Clara County. Then, click on a specific courthouse to see business hours and contact information.

  • Effective November 17, 2023, persons who receive notice of an arrest warrant may, through counsel, calendar the matter for an out-of-custody arraignment. This protocol  allows these persons to make an appearance in front of a judicial officer without the need to go into custody, though appearing at such an arraignment and participating in the protocol does not guarantee that the person will remain out of custody. As of November 28, 2023, these matters are scheduled for hearing on the second or fourth Tuesday of each month in the Felony Arraignment department at 1:45 p.m. This protocol is available to all cases in Santa Clara County, including those originating out of the Palo Alto and Morgan Hill courthouses.

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