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Accessing Civil case Records faq

You can obtain case information online at our Case Information Portal . You can search by case number, party name, etc.

If you come into Court and have our staff do the search, you must provide the Case Number, Case Name, Title of the document(s) requested, and File Date of the document(s). See the Local Fee Schedule   ("Records Related Fees" section) for research fees if you are unable to provide all of these items, and for copy fees.

Copies of the pleadings must be obtained at the courthouse in which the case was filed, either in person or by mailing a request with a self addressed stamped envelope to return the documents.

Click to open a document with courthouse locations and mailing addresses . If you make the request by mail, make your check payable to the Superior Court.

If the fee is unknown, you can write a check leaving the amount blank, but indicate in the dollar section "Not to exceed" $5.00, $10.00, etc. depending on the anticipated cost.

You'll need to provide the following:

  • case number,
  • the full names of the parties,
  • title(s) of the document(s) requested, and
  • the date the document(s) was filed, if known.


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