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adr Resources
Local ADR Providers See the Civil Division ADR section of this website to find the Court’s list of local ADR providers, Judicial Arbitrators, and Civil Early Settlement Conference (CESC) Neutrals.
Office of Human Relations (DRPS)  This is a Santa Clara County program that helps people solve their own problems. The program teaches communication skills and the basics of conflict resolution. (408) 993-4130  or email at
Project Sentinel external link icon This is a group of city programs that provide free mediation for community disputes, like tenant/landlord, neighbor to neighbor, consumer, and workplace. Sunnyvale, Milpitas, Gilroy, and Santa Clara each have programs: call (408) 720-9888 .
For Mt. View call (650) 960-0495 .
For Los Altos area call (650) 949-5267 .
F or Campbell call (408) 243-8565  or (408) 243-8585 .
For Palo Alto call (650) 856-4062 .
Santa Clara County Bar Association  Provides Lawyer Referral Service and more. Call: (408) 971-6822
More Legal Resources See our Free & Low Cost Legal Help web page


Also see the California State Bar Association consumer pamphlet, "How Can I Resolve my Dispute without a Trial?" 

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