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Effective October 13, 2020, court reporters will be provided by the Court in all mandated proceedings, including in the following cases: felony criminal; juvenile dependency; juvenile justice; Lanterman-Petris-Short (LPS) Act; contempt in civil and family matters; family court matters where an official court reporter is mandated, such as requests to withdraw consent to an adoption, child testimony in chambers, and petitions to free a minor from parental care and control; cases in which an official court reporter is required by the Supreme Court opinion in the case of Jameson v. Desta, and including any of these cases that are assigned for trial or long cause hearing to the Civil Division, or to be heard by a Judge assigned to the Civil Division. Transcript requests for privately retained court reporters in civil and probate matters need to be made directly with the private court reporters. This request form is to be used for transcripts from official reporters provided by the Court.

Please enter as much information as possible, below, regarding the hearing or court event for which you wish a transcript. Please type contact information carefully, especially your email address. (Fields in red are required) Refer to the Court Reporter Transcripts and Electronic Recordings page for more information, especially the section on locating the Court Reporter's name.

The court reporter will contact you within two weeks about the cost and how long it will take to complete the transcript. If your transcript request is a rush the court reporter will make every effort to contact you as soon as he or she is able.

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Court Reporter name A value is required - enter Reporter's name or "Recording" if requesting an electronic recording.
Don't know the Court Reporter's name? Read how to look up the court reporter. (If electronic recording, please enter ‘Recording’ in reporter name field.)
Case name: The case name is required.
Case number: The case number is required.
Date of proceeding: Month Please select the month when the proceeding occurred.   Day Please select the day when the proceeding occurred.  Year Please select the year when the proceeding occurred.
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* Transcripts are not available for Small Claims cases per Government Code Section 69957 .

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After you submit this request, you should see a page with a confirmation message. If you do not see that, please scroll up to review the form and check for any error messages (displayed in red) regarding the text you entered or any missing mandatory information.

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