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probate calendar - available dates

Dates by Phone

A recording of available Probate calendar dates is available by telephone: 408-882-2649 .

Updated Probate Calendar

Click the link below to view an online (PDF) list of available Probate, Conservatorship and Guardianship Calendar hearing dates (This list will be updated as needed during the week).

available dates
Click for list of available dates 

Select a calendar date that is on or after what is listed in the PDF above or on the recording and add that date to your Petition and Notice of Hearing (your selected court date will not be calendared until the Notice of Hearing is received and filed by the Clerk’s Office).

If you would like the clerk to set your hearing for the next available date, please leave the date blank on your paperwork and indicate any dates that you are unavailable in the comments section of your e-filing.

Hearing dates for Minor Compromise

Please submit your filings and the clerk will contact you to schedule a court date as needed.

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