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juror instructions   SERVING AS A JUROR

Standby Jurors

ALL JURORS ARE CONSIDERED TO BE ON STANDBY during the week they are summoned, until they are specifically instructed to report to any one of four Santa Clara County courthouses. If you are assigned to this current week, please view the Jury Status Page.

IF YOU ARE NOT SUMMONED FOR THIS CURRENT WEEK, please follow the reporting instructions found on the Juror Reporting Instructions Page.

IF YOU RECEIVED A JURY SUMMONS IN THE MAIL AND WANT TO RESPOND to update your information, request a postponement, disqualification or excuse from jury service, please go to the juror login.


What to Expect If You are Instructed to Report During Your Assigned Week

Your jury service court location is generally determined by your group number, which is located on your summons.

Group numbers 100-299: Downtown Superior Court or Hall of Justice

Group numbers 300-499: Downtown Superior Court or Hall of Justice

Group numbers 500-599: Morgan Hill Courthouse

Group numbers 600-699: Palo Alto Courthouse

Please be advised: Depending on the needs of the Court, your group number may be required to report to any one of our four trial court locations.

When arriving at the courthouse you are assigned to, report to the Jury Assembly Room and check in with the clerk at the jury counter. A panel number will be assigned to all jurors. When a courtroom is ready for your jury panel, an announcement will be made giving further instructions for your panel.

Juror Resources

California Courts: The Judicial Branch of California

Court and Community Brochure

Employer Information

ADA Accommodations

Americans With Disabilities Act: Persons requiring special arrangements or accommodations, please call: 1-408-882-2500. Hearing Impaired: TDD 1-408-882-2591.
For more information about ADA accommodations, please visit the Court’s ADA Website.

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