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civil calendar - available dates

Dates by Phone

A recording of available law and motion and discovery calendar dates is available by telephone:
408-882-2100, press 6, then 5 .

Updated Civil Calendar

Click the link below to view an online (PDF) list of available Civil Law and Motion and Discovery Calendar hearing dates, updated weekly:

available dates
Click for list of available dates 

A party seeking a hearing date on the law and motion calendar or the discovery calendar must contact the calendar clerk to obtain approved alternate dates for the hearing, pursuant to Local Civil Rule 8C . (See the Civil Schedule web page for times and departments for both Discovery and Law & Motion.)

If possible, the party should obtain agreement to one of the alternate dates from all opposing parties.

When a date is chosen, the party must inform the calendar clerk at 408-882-2100  to reserve that particular date. If a trial date is set, the clerk will attempt to accommodate the request. A party must reserve the date prior to filing papers with the Court.

Law and Motion hearings cannot be continued without a written order of the Court. A letter or phone call is not sufficient to continue a hearing. As mentioned, a court order is required.


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