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State Legal Forms are approved by the Judicial Council and can be found at: .

Local Legal Forms are designed for use in Santa Clara County only - see forms page.

Proposed Local Rules of Court

See the Proposed Local Rules of Court page to view proposed rule and attachment changes.

Rules Effective January 1, 2024

The local rules listed and linked below supplement the California Rules of Court  and apply in Santa Clara County only. If there is a conflict between the Local Rules of Court and the California Rules of Court, the California Rules of Court apply.  

Parties and attorneys must comply and be familiar with these Local Rules of Court, which are designed to help the Court and parties resolve cases promptly and efficiently.

Resolutions and General Orders

State Rules are adopted by the Judicial Council of California for all Superior Courts. The California Rules of Court can be found at: .

Click to view Local Rules of Court for other counties in California .

California Constitution and State Codes (California Law) can be found at: .

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