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General Rule 8


A. Unless otherwise provided for by statute, court security video recordings must not be disclosed to non-Court personnel or agents except after consideration of a request for access to court security camera video form (Form GS-056 ) which will be sent to the Office of the General Counsel.

B. Because court security video recordings may be exempt from disclosure under California Rules of Court, Rule 10.500(f)(6), any request for video must describe, as narrowly as possible, 1) the time, date, and location of the video sought, 2) the specific reasons disclosure is warranted, and 3) why there are no other alternatives to disclosure.

(1) If applicable, the request must give proposals for minimizing the potential impact on victims, witnesses, jurors, minors, judicial officers and court employees, the rationale for overriding the privacy interests of such persons, proposals for protection of such persons from harassment, embarrassment or intimidation, and proposals for protection of the attorney-client privilege.

C. Upon receiving the request for access to court security video form, the Court will provide the requestor with a copy of this Rule and Form GS-056 and notify the Office of the General Counsel of the request.

(Eff. 1/01/21)


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