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General Rule 5


Jurors and parties to lawsuits, and others who may be required to be in the courthouses for extended periods of time, will be permitted to bring food for lunch and snacks into all courthouses, in appropriate containers, as further described in this rule. Abuse of these rules or failure to use trash receptacles for refuse will result in termination of an individual privilege to bring food into a courthouse.

Glass bottles are deemed a security risk and are prohibited and will be detained at the security entrances of all courthouses, except that baby bottles with milk and juice may be brought into the courthouse by parents or other caregivers who are bringing small children into the courthouse. All bottles may be subject to inspection by security screening personnel.

No food or drink may be openly displayed or consumed in any courtroom or anteroom of a courtroom without the express permission of the judicial officer presiding over that courtroom. Permission may be sought through the clerk or bailiff in that courtroom.

Food may be carried into the Old Courthouse by persons who carry lunch and snacks; it may not be consumed or displayed in the Old Courthouse corridors or public places. However, food may be consumed in a particular courtroom or courtroom anteroom with the consent of the judicial officer. Only upon approval of the Presiding Judge should food or drink be consumed in the Heritage Room.

(Eff. 1/01/11)


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