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Local appellate Rule 3


A. Transcript in Lieu of Settled Statement on Appeal

If a party is proceeding on appeal by use of a settled statement and the oral proceedings were reported by a court reporter, the trial judge may order that a transcript be prepared as the record of the oral proceedings instead of correcting or certifying a proposed statement on appeal if the trial judge determines that doing so would save court time and resources. The court will pay for any transcript so ordered. (CRC 8.137(f)(2).)

B. Proposed Settled Statement on Appeal—Service on Trial Judge

A party filing an application or motion, as applicable, to use a proposed settled statement on appeal under CRC 8.137, 8.346, or 8.407, or a proposed settled statement or any response thereto, must separately serve the trial judge who presided over the relevant proceedings with a courtesy copy of the application or motion, and the proposed settled statement, or response thereto.

C. Notice of Omission from Normal Record

In addition to being filed, a notice of omission from the appellate record submitted under CRC 8.155(b), 8.340(b), or 8.410(a) must be brought to the attention of the Superior Court appeals unit by emailing a courtesy copy of the notice to with a subject line that reads “COURTESY COPY re [trial court case name & number & title of document]” with this information provided for reference.

D. Record of Administrative Proceedings

CRC 8.123 applies to appeals where the record of an administrative proceeding was admitted into evidence, refused, or lodged in the superior court. For ease of transmission to the Court of Appeal as part of the appellate record, parties who wish to place an administrative record before the trial court are encouraged to electronically file such record in the Odyssey case file (rather than submitting a paper copy to the superior court) in addition to providing the individual trial judge with an electronic copy and/or any requested excerpts.

(Eff. 4/22/2021)


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