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Judicial Mentor Program

Program Purpose

The purpose of this program is to help recruit and develop a qualified, inclusive and diverse judicial applicant pool for Santa Clara Superior Court (and surrounding superior courts). This program was designed by Santa Clara Superior judges in collaboration with the Office of Governor Gavin Newsom, Judicial Appointments Secretary Luis Cespedes, and the California Judicial Mentorship Program (CJMP).

The program is designed to identify, encourage and provide mentors for all individuals considering a judicial career. One of the chief goals of our Court’s program and of the CJMP is to communicate to all sectors of the legal community the uniform message of Governor Newsom’s judicial criteria and commitment to appointing a capable bench reflective of California’s rich diversity. Another goal of our Court’s program is to provide information for individuals considering running for election for an open judicial seat.

How Does It Work?

This two-part program consists of a mentor committee and a community outreach/recruitment committee.

Judicial Leaders of Program

The current leaders of the program are Judges Nahal Iravani-Sani and Sunil Kulkarni, with ample and able support from staff members Ben Rada, Kim Hamlin, and Brian Faraone.

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