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Official Court Reporter Availability

Effective July 24, 2017, court reporters will be provided by the Court in all the following cases: felony criminal, family, juvenile dependency, juvenile justice, Lanterman-Petris-Short (LPS) Act, guardianships of the person or estate, civil harassment and civil contempt - including any of these cases that are assigned for trial or long cause hearing to the Civil Division, or to be heard by a Judge assigned to the Civil Division.

For hearings and trials in unlimited civil matters, limited civil matters to the extent not electronically recorded and probate matters, a party has the right to arrange, at the party's own expense, for the services of a court reporter if the services of an official court reporter are not available. Santa Clara County Superior Court has established a policy which sets forth requirements for qualifying as an official reporter pro tempore, click to see the Policy Regarding Privately Retained Court Reporters .

A party must make arrangements for a reporter in advance of the proceeding. Parties retaining a reporter must file a Request for Appointment of Official Reporter Pro Tempore (CV-5100)  with the court.

The following materials provide information for privately retained court reporters that are appointed by the court as an Official Reporter Pro Tempore.

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