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Palo Alto courthouse
photo of the Palo Alto Courthouse

Location & Contact Info

Mailing Address: 191 N. First St., San Jose, CA 95113

Street Address: 270 Grant Avenue, Palo Alto, CA 94306
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Types of cases heard: Criminal

Parking Information: Click to see parking map (image opens in new window).

at the Palo Alto Courthouse

Jurors should park only in the designated "Juror" parking lot adjacent to the Courthouse. The parking permit that came with the juror summons should be displayed on the car dashboard. (If you don't have your permit, you can obtain a replacement when reporting at the Jury counter.)

If the "Juror" parking lot becomes full, please notify the deputies at the front entrance of the courthouse, and they will redirect you to an overflow lot. Do not park in the City of Palo Alto or County parking lots or you will be cited. If you are cited for any illegal parking, it will be your responsibility to pay for any citations that are issued to you.


Palo Alto Courthouse Business Hours

Refer to this list of courthouse hours  for current business hours.

Drop Box Information at the Palo Alto Courthouse

An outside drop box has been provided for your convenience, with 24/7 access. Click for guidelines on using the drop box . And remember, no cash please!

List of Departments/Courtrooms and Judicial Officers at the Palo Alto Courthouse

Department Phone Numbers
Department 84: Honorable Thomas E. Kuhnle
Courtroom Clerk (650) 462-3830
Court Reporter:   (650) 462-3835
Department 85: Honorable Thang N. Barrett
Courtroom Clerk (650) 462-3840
Court Reporter:   (650) 462-3845
Department 86: Vacant
Courtroom Clerk (650) 462-3850
Court Reporter:   (650) 462-3855 
Department 87: Vacant
Courtroom Clerk (650) 462-3860
Court Reporter:   (650) 462-3865
Department 88: Vacant
Courtroom Clerk (650) 462-3870
Court Reporter:   (650) 462-3875
Department 89: Vacant
Courtroom Clerk (650) 462-3880
Court Reporter:   (650) 462-3885
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