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juvenile justice courthouse
photo of the Juvenile Justice Courthouse in downtown San Jose

Location & Contact Info

Street Address: 840 Guadalupe Parkway San Jose, CA 95110
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Mailing Address: 191 N. First Street San Jose, CA 95113


Types of cases heard: Criminal

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Juvenile Justice Courthouse Business Hours

Refer to this list of courthouse hours  for current business hours.

List of Departments/Courtrooms and Judicial Officers at the Juvenile Justice Courthouse

Department phone numbers
Department 80: Honorable Andrea Flint
Courtroom Clerk (408) 808-6220
Court Reporter: (408) 808-6225
Department 81: Honorable Jose S. Franco
Courtroom Clerk (408) 808-6230
Court Reporter: (408) 808-6235
Department 82: Sunil R. Kulkarni
Courtroom Clerk (408) 808-6240
Court Reporter: (408) 808-6245
Department 83: Vacant
Courtroom Clerk (408) 808-6240
Court Reporter: (408) 808-6275
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