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Mock Trials

A “mock trial” is a simulation of a lower-court trial (“moot court” simulates appellate court hearings). Our program offers students the opportunity to participate in a rehearsed, interactive fictional trial so that they can learn firsthand the Court’s role in the judicial branch of government.

  • Students play the roles of attorneys, witnesses, jurors and judge • Accommodates anywhere from six to 20 active participants (generally, there is no limit on the number of audience members)
  • Open to all educational, community-based organizations
  • Designed for students in grades 2-8 but can also accommodate older students
  • Students must prepare and rehearse roles before actual mock trial in the courthouse
  • Below are links to resource materials, including instructions and mock trial cases:

To schedule a mock trial, email or phone (408) 882-2709 . Click to see our brochure on Court & Community , which includes information on mock trials.

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