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What Form to Use FAQ
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How do I know what form to use?

Forms are either state forms or local forms. Sometimes it is fairly easy to know what form to use, and other times you may need legal advice, which the Court cannot provide.

Most forms used at court are state forms and are on the state Judicial Council website .

State forms: On the state form website  you can view forms listed by number or by name, or you can use the dropdown menu to select a form group by topic, such as Small Claims. Note that when you list the forms, there are two columns of numbers. If you click on the form number in the first column you must print it to fill it out. If you click on a number in the second column, you can fill it out online and then print it. If you have any problem at the state site, you should contact the Judicial Council to report it.

Local Forms: If you don't find the form at the state site, check our local forms page to see if the form is there. The forms are in alphabetical order by form name. Start at the top of the form table and scroll through the list looking in the third column, which displays form numbers. You can also search the page (using control F) for name or number you are looking for.

Need more help? See this Self-Help Center flyer: How to Get Legal Forms from the Intranet  and also the answer to the Frequently Asked Question, How can I get help with forms?


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