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change of address FAQ

How do I tell the Court that my address has changed?

The Notice of Change of Address form is a state form, MC-040 . You can access it and complete it online.

Then you will need to

  1. Print it out
  2. Make copies for all the parties in the case
  3. Have someone over 18 - NOT you - mail a copy to the other party or parties. The person who mails the form is the "sever." The server fills out page 2 of the original Notice of Change of Address. Make another copy of the now-complete Notice and
  4. File the completed original and the copy at the Court where your case was heard - see list of courthouses.
  5. Keep the filed copy for your records.

Important: If you are involved in a domestic violence situation and want your address to be confidential, please see the State website Safe at Home  for information about getting a safe confidential mailing address.


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