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Probate Early Settlement Conference Neutrals

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Name SBN City Phone          Areas of Law (Key)
BU  CN   TR   GD   AD   RE   FM
Biorn, Kristofer  160100 Palo Alto   6503215007                              
Braccini, Steve  230708 Palo Alto   6508047613                              
Coward, John  H. 70509 Los Gatos   4083583773                              
Desmarais, Michael  G. 56876 Los Gatos   4083566886                              
Ellenberg, Steven  151489 San Jose   4089988500                              
Hand, Margaret  M. 167510 Orinda   9252531717                              
Hare, Jeffrey  B. 120880 San Jose   4082793555                              
Loew, Jeffrey  L. 216808 San Mateo   6504501252                              
McKissock, Ellen  109596 San Jose   4082869800                              
Nobler, Alan  L. 43009 San Jose   4083232922                              
Tran Sood, Victoria  210046 Palo Alto   4086257963                              
Weisman, Rebecca  172925 San Jose   4089751075                              
Yarbrough, Steven  L. 178331 Los Altos   6502095113                              


Areas of Law Key:

BU -  Business
CN -  Conservatorship
TR -  Trusts
GD -  Guardianship
AD -  Adoptions
RE -  Real Estate
FM -  Family Law

DISCLAIMER: The Court provides this list of Neutrals as a public service. The Court does not endorse, recommend or make any warranty as to the qualifications or competency of any provider on the list. Inclusion on the list is based on the representations of the Neutral. The Court assumes no responsibility or liability for any act or omission of any provider on the list.

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