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telephonic appearance
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CourtCall serves as the provider of telephonic court appearance services for the Santa Clara County Superior Court. The procedure described below must be followed by any party or counsel who wishes to appear by telephone.

When can CourtCall be used?

If a party or counsel chooses to appear by telephone, it is not necessary to obtain consent of the other party. It is not necessary to obtain court approval in advance to appear by telephone at a case management conference, except that self-represented parties must appear in person at the initial case management conference if there is not an attorney involved in the case.

Telephonic appearances by a party or counsel at proceedings other than a case management conference require prior court approval.

How can a telephonic appearance using CourtCall be requested?

A party may make a telephonic appearance by serving and submitting to CourtCall a ‘Request for CourtCall Telephonic Appearance’ form and paying a fee for CourtCall’s service for each appearance NOT LESS THAN TEN (10) COURT DAYS PRIOR TO THE HEARING DATE.

Request forms may be obtained by calling CourtCall directly at 1-(888) 88-COURT. For information about CourtCall, please call CourtCall, not the participating Departments. Telephonic appearances are conducted in accordance with California Rule of Court 3.670  and Local Family Rule 6B(3)b.

How do parties participate in a CourtCall telephonic appearance?

A telephonic appearance is made as part of the Court's regular calendar. All parties who have timely submitted their request form and paid the fee may appear by dialing the toll free teleconference line designated by CourtCall. The teleconference number will be provided by CourtCall on the confirmation faxed to them.

It is the responsibility of each party or counsel to call the assigned number at least five minutes before the scheduled hearing. CourtCall does not place a call to parties or counsel.

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