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local family rule 7


In addition to the duties mandated by the Family Law Facilitator Act, Family Code § 10000 et. seq., the Family Law Facilitator shall have the following duties:

(Effective 1/1/2010)

A. Meeting with parties when both sides are self-represented to mediate issues of child support, spousal or partner support, and maintenance of health insurance, subject to Family Code § 10012.

(Effective 1/1/2022)

B. Drafting stipulations, which may include issues other than those specified in Family Code § 10003. If the parties are not able to resolve issues with the assistance of the Family Law Facilitator, the Facilitator, before or at the hearing, and at the Court’s request, shall review documents, prepare support schedules, and advise the Court whether the matter is ready to proceed.

(Effective 1/1/2011)

C. Assisting the clerk in maintaining records.

D. Preparing orders documenting the Court’s announced order where both parties are self-represented or in those cases with one attorney where the Court refers the self-represented party because the order benefits that party.

(Effective 1/1/2011)

E. Serving as a special master and making findings to the Court, unless the Facilitator has served as a mediator in the case.

(Effective 1/1/2011)

F. Participating in the operation of the Family Court Clinic, including the training and supervision of volunteers.

(Effective 1/1/2011)


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