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Form Attachments to local Family rules of Court

Note: ALL Family local forms (not just the local rule attachments, below) are accessible on the Forms page on this website. More family forms are on the state forms Judicial Council website .

  FM-1000   Domestic Violence Facsimile Transmission Cover Sheet
  FM-1010   Status or Case Resolution Conference Questionnaire
  FM-1012  Request for Trial
  FM-1013  Declaration in Support of Ex Parte Application for Orders
  FM-1015  FCS Intake Form for Mediation (English)
  FM-1016  Judicial Custody Conference Statement
  FM-1019  Application for Family Division ADR Panel
  FM-1021  Alternate Dispute Resolution Information Notice
  FM-1025  Declaration for Default Custody and Visitation Orders (Approved for Optional Use)
  FM-1036  Stipulation re: Protective Order for Family Court Services Records and Order Thereon
  FM-1041  Request for Sheriff to Serve and Sheriff's Fee Statement
  FM-1047  How to Safely Turn in Firearms and Ammunition
  FM-1050  Family Law Notice - Dissolution/Legal Separation (also in Spanish  and Vietnamese )
  FM-1053  Family Law Parentage Judgment Checklist Petition to Establish Parental Relationship
  FM-1055  Order Appointing Children’s Counsel
  FM-1056  Addendum to Judicial Council Form FL-327 - Family Court Services
  FM-1057  Addendum to Judicial Council Form FL-327 - Private Evaluator
  FM-1059  Request and Order to Change Status or Case Resolution Conference Date
  FM-1061  Family Court Services Declaration of Mailing or Personal Service
  FM-1067  Application and Order for Payment of Attorney Fees and Costs of Children's Counsel
  FM-1068  Response to Children's Counsel Application for Payment of Attorney Fees and Costs
  FM-1078  Family Court Services Client Complaint Form
  FM-1081  Initial Application for Appointment as Counsel for Minor Children in Family Court Cases

Annual Review Application/Eligibility Declaration for Appointment as Counsel for Minor Children in Family Court Cases

  FM-1083  Stipulation and Order
  FM-1102  Other Orders - Property Removal
  FM-1110  Expert Witness Fee Application
  FM-1112  Stipulation for Court Commissioner to Act as Temporary Judge for All Purposes
  FM-1119  Family Law Judicial Settlement Program Stipulation and Order
  FM-1120  Seek and Word Order
  FM-1123  Orders after Status Conference/Case Resolution Conference
  FM-1124  Findings re Non-compliance with Order to Relinquish Guns, Firearms or Ammunition
  FM-1127  Addendum to Judicial Council Form FL-327  Brief Focused Assessment
  FM-1129  Non-Professional Supervised Visitation Provider Declaration of Qualifications
  FM-1136  Elder Abuse Facsimile Transmission Cover Sheet
  FM-1186  Gun Violence Prevention Facsimile Transmission Cover Sheet
  FM-1187  Ex Parte Application and Order to be Relieved as Counsel for Minor Child
  FM-1188  Response to Application to be Relieved as Counsel for Minor Child
  FM-1191  Referral to a Post-Mediation Hearing (PMH)
  FM-1192  Stipulation To Allow Trial Judge/Commissioner To Conduct Judicial Custody Conference (JCC)
  FM-1193  Stipulation and Waiver of Hearing on Request for Order
  FM-1194  Smith/Ostler Bonus Attachment
  FM-1195  Stipulation to Telephonic Family Court Services Mediation

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List of attached Family local forms


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