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REMOTE appearance
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The Civil Division has adopted the use of video appearances as well as telephonic appearances to allow some attorneys and parties to appear remotely for some proceedings. Please review the Remote Rules and Procedures document to identify the departments and calendars that currently provide remote appearance opportunities.

Remote Rules and Procedures 

CourtCall serves as the provider of telephonic court appearance services for the the Superior Court in Santa Clara County.

When can CourtCall be used?

Generally, participating Departments will allow use of CourtCall to conduct telephonic appearances for:

  • a case management conference
  • a trial setting conference
  • hearings for dismissal review, arbitration or mediation status review, law and motion, and discovery matters

A telephonic appearance is voluntary and may be made without consent of the other party.

How can a telephonic appearance using CourtCall be requested?

A party may make a telephonic appearance by serving and submitting to CourtCall a ‘Request for CourtCall Telephonic Appearance’ form and paying a fee for each appearance NOT LESS THAN THREE (3) COURT DAYS PRIOR TO THE HEARING DATE.

Request forms may be obtained by calling the Program Administrator, CourtCall, LLC at:
(310) 342-0888   or (888) 88-COURT   or accessing their online services 

For information about CourtCall, please call CourtCall, not the participating Departments.

Telephonic appearances are conducted in accordance with California Rules of Court 3.670 , and Local Civil Rule 11.

How do parties participate in a CourtCall telephonic appearance?

A telephonic appearance is made as part of the Court's regular calendar and all parties who have timely submitted their request form and paid the fee may appear by dialing the Department’s dedicated toll free teleconference number and access code, which will be provided by CourtCall on the confirmation provided to them. Click here for more information on how to use CourtCall .

It is each party’s responsibility to call the assigned number at least five minutes before the scheduled hearing – CourtCall does not call lawyers to join a call.

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