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Form Attachments to local civil rules of court

Note: ALL Civil local forms are accessible on the Forms page on this website.
See Judicial Council website  for state forms.

CV-5000  Application to Civil Division Mediation & Neutral Evaluation Panels
CV-5008  ADR Stipulation and Order
CV-5012  Civil Lawsuit Notice
CV-5014  Declaration in Support of Ex Parte Application for Restraining Orders
CV-5017  Judges ADR Program Stipulation and Order Form
CV-5021  Schedule of Reasonable Attorney Fees
CV-5041  Notice of Parking/Administrative Appeal
CV-5052  Civil Lawsuit Notice - Rule 3.740 Collections Cases
CV-5056  Consent Order Granting Expedited Jury Trial
CV-5059  Loan Modification Settlement Conference Stipulation and Order
CV-5060  Loan Modification Settlement Stipulation and Order
CV-5061  Loan Modification Settlement Conference Instructions for Litigants
CV-5100  Request for Appointment of Official Reporter Pro Tempore
CV-5101  Request Regarding Notice To Non-Consenting Parent
CV-5102  Landlord‐Tenant Assistance Programs
SC-8006  Notice to Small Claims Litigants
SC-8007  Request for Dismissal (Small Claims)
SC-8010  Request and Order to Serve the California Secretary of State
SC-8011  Request for Satisfaction of Judgment by Judgment Debtor
SC-8016  Small Claims Order (Optional)
SC-8020  Request To Participate In On-line Dispute Resolution (ODR) For Small Claims Litigants
SC-8022  Small Claims AB 3088 Declaration

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