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Finding a Judicial Arbitrator

Finding a General Jurisdiction Judicial Arbitrator

The Santa Clara County Superior Court provides a database of background information on members of our Judicial Arbitration panel for the convenience of attorneys and the public.

Parties and counsel who have stipulated to Judicial Arbitration will receive a Notice of Random Selection which will list several proposed arbitrators. Many arbitrators have provided information to the court which is posted on this list. If the arbitrator’s information is not posted here, you may contact the arbitrator’s office for background information.

Each party must strike one proposed arbitrator, and return the Notice to the court at the address listed on the Notice. An arbitrator will be assigned and parties and/or counsel will be notified as quickly as possible.

Parties may also stipulate to Judicial Arbitration using the Court's ADR Stipulation and Order Form (Form CV-5008 ), and may choose any mutually acceptable arbitrator, whether on the Court's list of arbitrators or not. For more information, see Local Civil Rule 6 .

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Individuals who wish to be added to the judicial arbitration database are encouraged to submit an application (Form CV-5007 ). Arbitrators who need to update their information may contact the court at, or fill out the Judicial Arbitration Background Sheet (Form CV-5040 ) and mail or email it to the Court.

Read more about Judicial Arbitration in the Self-Help section of this website.

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