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Finding an ADR Provider

Finding an Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR) Provider

Many cases can be resolved to the satisfaction of all parties without the necessity of traditional litigation, which can be expensive, time consuming, and stressful.

The Court maintains a database of ADR providers that parties can use for assistance in settling a case. You may browse all entries in the ADR database (using the "Browse All" link below), or use the search tool ("Search by All Categories") to find a private arbitrator, neutral evaluator or mediator that best suits your needs.

Name, email address, location, hourly rate and additional information will be displayed for each arbitrator or mediator you select.

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For Family Law mediation, see the Family ADR section of this website. Also see a list of Early Settlement Conference Neutrals and a list of Judicial Arbitrators maintained by the Court.

Mediators who wish to be added to the ADR database are encouraged to submit an application (CV-5000 ). Mediators who need to update their provider information may contact the Court at, or fill out the Civil ADR Background Sheet (CV-5049 ) and mail or email it to the Court.

Judges ADR Program

The Superior Court, Santa Clara County, is pleased to offer the Civil Judges ADR Program.

The service provides a forum for the non-traditional resolution of disputes in which the parties would otherwise have to engage in lengthy, time consuming and expensive litigation, or otherwise be required to seek ADR services outside the court at some significant cost.

The Civil Judges ADR Program is available for parties to a dispute that meets the qualifying standards to have their dispute settled by an experienced judge of the Superior Court. For more information, see Local Civil Rule 3 .

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