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Judges ADR Mediation or Settlement Conference Service

This service is available for parties to a dispute that meets the qualifying standards to have a mediation or settlement conference with an experienced judge of the Superior Court.

Judicial ADR Providers:

How to Request This Service:

The request for mediation or settlement conference may be made promptly by stipulation (agreement) upon the filing of the Civil complaint and the answer. There is no additional charge for this service. Click to access the Judge's ADR Program Stipulation and Order Form (CV-5017 ) and the applicable Local Civil Rules of Court. Within thirty days of the acceptance of the case into the program, the parties will be able to commence the ADR process before a judge.


If the parties reach agreement, the agreement can be reduced to writing and become enforceable in the same manner as any other.

If the matter is not resolved through ADR, the case then reverts to the normal litigation mode and will be assigned a case management date to begin the process of litigation.


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