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Family Law Facilitator (FLF)

This page tells you about:

  1. Family Law Facilitator’s Offices
  2. How the Family Law Facilitator’s Office can help you
  3. Things the Family Law Facilitator’s Office cannot do
  4. Other things you should know…
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  1. Family Law Facilitator’s Office's

    The Family Law Facilitator's Office is part of Santa Clara County Superior Court. We help people (who do not have lawyers) help themselves.

    Location: Family Justice Center Courthouse 

  2. How the Family Law Facilitator's Office can help you

    We can give you information about the law and the forms you’ll need. If you do not have a lawyer, we can give you information on:

    Child support:

    • how to get, change (raise or lower), or enforce child support orders, including child care costs and health insurance

    • calculations for California State "guideline" child support (note: get your own estimate using a free online calculator )

    • problems with collection of past due child support

    • suspended driver's licenses (or other professional licenses) for unpaid child support.

    Spousal support:

    • how to get, change or enforce spousal support

    • calculations for California State "guideline" temporary spousal support.

    Custody and/or visitation  

    • how to get, change, or enforce custody or visitation orders (including emergency orders). We will help you one-on-one if you have a new case or if support and/or paternity is an issue in your case. Otherwise, we will refer you to the Self-Help Center.  

    • Establishing parentage when the parents are not married.  

    • Writing up orders after your hearing. The Judge in your case will send you to the Family Law Facilitator with a referral slip so we can help you fill out and file your court orders.  

    • Helping parents make and write agreements (to solving their disagreements) about child support, custody or visitation — If you and the other parent have an agreement, come see our staff. We will give you an appointment to come in with the other parent to write up your agreement.
  3. Things the Family Law Facilitator's Office cannot do

    We cannot give you legal advice or represent you in court. You can find a lawyer in the telephone book or call the Lawyer Referral service at the Santa Clara County Bar Association .

    For a description of the Family Law Facilitator's duties and limitations, please click here to read the FLF Disclosure Statement  posted on the State Court Judicial Council website.
  4. Other things you should know...
    • Children:

      When you come to court, please ask someone to care for your children. In general, children are not allowed to come to court hearings. Also, we cannot talk about your case in front of children.

      Please check ahead of time to see if you can leave your children at our Children's Waiting Room. (See the Children's Waiting Room section at the bottom of our Self-Help Center web page.)  

    • Be prepared to wait
    • Bring a blue or black pen
    • No food or drinks are allowed

    Important! Please bring all paperwork from your case! 

    • Child support calculations:

      If you need help to calculate child support, please bring a paystub or other proof of income, income tax return for you, and any information you have about how much money the other parent makes.

    • Translation services:

      If you do not speak English well, bring someone who can translate for you when you come to our office.

    • Complaints:

      Please print, complete and return the Customer Feedback Form  in person or by mail to: Superior Court, 191 North First St.,San Jose, CA 95113. The procedures are on page 1, and the form is on page 2.

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