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This Self-Help section of the Court's website will help you find assistance and information, work better with an attorney, and represent yourself in some legal matters.

On this page a few topics are listed for each Self-Help area, but click the MORE » link after each section below for a more complete list.

Get help in person at our Self-Help Centers - see our office hours, important information, and what we help with page or flyer . See our free and low-cost legal help page and this Resource flyer .

Get help by email: Click here.

Get help by phone: 408-882-2926 (voicemail). Please leave a detailed message clearly stating your name, phone number, case number, if you have one, and your questions. Note: Response times to emails may be faster than to phone calls.

For Self-Help in Spanish, see the State website Centro de Ayuda de las Cortes de California 

If you need assistance with the following issues, you should see our Do-It-Yourself Resources for help locating free and/or low-cost legal advice as the Self-Help Center does not assist with these issues:

Family Law: Property assistance, QDRO's, discovery, trial preparation, or collections (other than wage assignments for support)
Housing Issues: Foreclosure, Home Owner's Associations (HOAs), Mobile Homes, Business Tenants, Corporations, Discovery or trial preparation

Civil Court: Motions to Quash, Demurrers, trial preparation , medical malpractice, real estate issues, injunctions, collections, appeals, or ex parte requests

Probate Court: Guardianship of the estate, Conservatorship of the estate, adoption, Probate (will, trust, etc.) cases, real estate cases, motions or requests to be Special Administrator

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