Palo Alto courthouse
photo of the Palo Alto Courthouse

Location & Contact Info

Street and Mailing Address: 270 Grant Avenue Palo Alto, CA 94306
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Types of cases heard: Criminal, Small Claims, and Traffic

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Palo Alto Courthouse Business Hours

  • 8:30am - 4:00pm

Drop Box Information at the Palo Alto Courthouse

An outside drop box has been provided for your convenience, with 24/7 access. Click for guidelines on using the drop box . And remember, no cash please!

List of Departments/Courtrooms and Judicial Officers at the Palo Alto Courthouse

Department Phone Numbers
Department 84: Honorable Jerome Nadler/Honorable C. Randall Schneider
Courtroom Clerk (650) 462-3830
Court Reporter:   (650) 462-3835
Department 85: Honorable Vincent J. Chiarello
Courtroom Clerk (650) 462-3840
Court Reporter:   (650) 462-3845
Department 86: Commissioner James Madden
Courtroom Clerk (650) 462-3850
Court Reporter:   (650) 462-3855 
Department 87: Honorable Robert Foley
Courtroom Clerk (650) 462-3860
Court Reporter:   (650) 462-3865
Department 88: Honorable Diane M. Northway
Courtroom Clerk (650) 462-3870
Court Reporter:   (650) 462-3875
Department 89: Honorable Allison M. Danner
Courtroom Clerk (650) 462-3880
Court Reporter:   (650) 462-3885
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