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Hon. Peter Kirwan, Department 1a
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ELECTRONIC SERVICE NOTICE #921-71 Service date: 08/14/2014 12:13 PM

Case No: 1-13-CV-258281
Cilker Apartments, LLC v. Western National Construction, et al.

Document #98197:
Title: Stipulation & Order to Set Aside Default re Madera Framing (Click here to view document information)
Type: Stipulation and Order (FOR COURT USE ONLY)
Author: Peter H. Kirwan of Superior Court of California
Parties: Superior Court of California
Attached: The Court has attached the pdf file of this document, "endorse_118965_258281.pdf", to this email message. The attached file is an exact duplicate of the file linked by the above title.


Service list:
Party name Attorney/Representative Contact Email address
ADM Construction Co., Inc.    
ADM Painting    
  Serot, Daniel – Van De Poel, Levy & Allen, LLP
Alliance Building Product    
Anderson Truss    
  Booth, Eileen – Jacobsen & McElroy
  Leas, Crystal – Jacobsen & McElroy
CA Classic Paver Designs, Inc.    
  Kirvin, Tom – Law Offices of Helen Santana
California Classic Pavers    
Casey-Fogli Concrete Contractors    
  Marx, Michael – Goodman Neuman Hamilton LLP
Casey-Fogli Contractors, Inc.    
Cell Crete    
Cell-Crete Corporation Ryan, Joseph – Ryan & Lifter
Central Coast Stairs    
Cilker Apartments, LLC Zimmerman, Jon – Robinson & Wood, Inc.
Commercial Roof Management    
Courtney Waterproofing, Inc.    
Courtney Waterproofing    
Davey Roofing, Inc.    
Davy Roofing, Inc.    
Demetris Painting II, Inc.    
  Wood, G. Geoffrey – Ericksen Arbuthnot
Dimetrius Painting II, Inc.    
  Wood, G. Geoffrey – Ericksen Arbuthnot
Dimetrius Painting II, Inc.    
Doorway Manufacturing Company, Inc. dba Builder's Trim & Door    
Doorway Mfg    
Fitch Plastering Corporation of CA    
Fitch Plastering    
Gentry Associates Construction Consultants    
Group M Engineers    
Jos. J. Albanese    
Joseph J. Albanese, Inc. Marx, Michael – Goodman Neuman Hamilton LLP
Kelly Door Company, Inc.    
Kelly Door    
LDI Mechanical, Inc. (sued herein as LDI) Levy, David – Van De Poel, Levy & Allen, LLP
Landscape Pros    
Larco Industries, Inc.    
Larco Industries    
Los Nietos Construction Company    
Los Nietos Construction    
Madera Construction    
Madera Framing    
  Moore, Alexander – Boornazian, Jensen & Garthe
McLarand, Varquez & Partners    
  Dana, Richard – Collins Collins Muir + Stewart LLP
Multi-Building Structures, Inc.    
Multi-Building Structures    
Park West    
Pyramid Builders, Inc. Estep, Michael – Law Offices of Timothy R. Wagner
Pyramid Builders    
Robecks Welding & Fabrication, Inc. Mayfield, Lori – Law Office of David A. Wallis
  Trevithick, Bruce – Law Offices of Melissa M. Ballard
Robecks Welding & Fabrication    
Rylock Company, Ltd.    
Rylock Company    
Summit Window & Patio Door    
  Snodgrass, Jennifer – The Sieving Law Firm, A.P.C.
Superior Court of California Walker, Rowena – Superior Court of California
Tara Coatings, Inc.    
  Hufnagel, Robert – Wait & Colfer
Tara Coatings    
  Hufnagel, Robert – Wait & Colfer
Western National Construction Pepek, Michael – Green & Hall, APC
Additional recipients of Electronic Service:
Service recipient Email address
Booth, Eileen [cc]
Dana, Richard [cc]
Estep, Michael [cc] [bad address]
Hufnagel, Robert [cc]
Kirvin, Tom [cc]
Levy, David [cc]
Marx, Michael [cc]
Mayfield, Lori [cc]
Moore, Alexander [cc]
Moore, Alexander [cc]
Pepek, Michael [cc]
Ryan, Joseph [cc]
Ryan, Joseph [cc]
Serot, Daniel [cc]
Snodgrass, Jennifer [cc]
Snodgrass, Jennifer [cc]
Snodgrass, Jennifer [cc]
Trevithick, Bruce [cc]
Wood, G. Geoffrey [cc]
Zimmerman, Jon [cc]
Zimmerman, Jon [cc]